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Wireless Speaker “HC12” Sports Portable Loudspeaker

Wireless Speaker “HC12” Sports Portable Loudspeaker

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HC12, wireless speaker, BT v5.0, with 1200mAh battery, for 2 hours of work, support BT, FM, TF, USB, AUX playback modes, colorful lights

1. Sizes: 223*105*96mm. Weight: 620g.
2. BT v5.0. Chip: JL AC6925F.
3. Battery capacity: 1200mAh, charging for about 2 hours.
4. Use time: 2 hours.
5. Speaker unit: 52mm*2. Power: 5W*2.
6. Supports BT, FM, TF card, USB flash drive, AUX and other playback modes.
7. Built-in colorful lights.

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